Sunday, 16 May 2010

And for a bit more break...

Ok I will get to the magic post eventually. I swear! Until then here's something else that I want to talk about for a bit.

This video:

This is the video for Timbaland's song Morning After Dark...wait wait don't go! I'll explain why this is here!

Now, let's get this out of the way - the song is a giant "MEH!" at least from me. This isn't my type of music, and I really ran into this by complete accident. The music video however, now that's something different.

It might just be me reading the Unknown Armies books for too long, but I really feel that the characters in the video might make some pretty good characters in a game or, hell, maybe even this tv series. Why? Well look at 'em!

One is a fat, overdressed black guy who makes silly faces, one is a tattooed chick dressed like she's from somewhere in France during WWII and...well one is Nelly Furtado looking like a goth whore. Ok so maybe not all of them are perfect, but whatever.

Also, in the entire video these guys are following around some woman, confronting supernatural or implied-to-be-supernatural beings along the way, and none of this is really explained, all of it is left to the viewer. (Or maybe I'm really reading too deep into this, who knows?). Also, it's obvious these people are not quite ordinary themselves. Timbaland disintegrated a vampire by giving it a silly glare!

With a bit more work on who and what these characters are, I feel they could easily fit into the whole feel I am imagining for this show - of weird people doing weird, magical things.

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