Friday, 7 May 2010

General information about the project

Ok then, let's get started! All of this is just the basic ideas for this imaginary show, so don't be surprised if a lot of stuff is left unmentioned.

The Premise

For a few months or so I have been thinking about just how awesome it would be to have an urban fantasy TV series, that tries to do things a bit differently then what is out there.

My main problem with most shows going on right now (and ones I've watched in the past) like Supernatural, all these vampire TV series and stuff like that is that most of it is shown trough the perspective of a "normal" person or people who somehow ends up in a supernatural world.

Now, while this has been done before and has been shown to work alright, it kind of gets boring for me. So the main "selling point" so to speak of this would be the fact that from the very start of the show, all the main characters will already be a part of this supernatural world they inhabit. I will get into more detailed ideas I have about the premise in later posts.

The Setting

So yeah, Urban Fantasy. Considering that something like this will be on a very tight budget (due to the fact that there is really no way to pitch this sort of thing as a successful mainstream show) it would need to keep things a bit low key.

This means that while magic WILL be a part of the show, magical beings such as goblins, dragons, vampires and such should probably be kept out of it. Same thing goes for flashy magical effects, which would most certainly look really really cheesy.

This is why my main inspiration for this is the tabletop roleplaying game Unknown Armies (check the Inspirations section below). In it, using magic you can do some really far out stuff, but most of it usually does not include throwing around fire and lightening or summoning huge and fantastical beings.


The main inspiration for this is, as I already mentioned, the tabletop RPG Unknown Armies. While it would take a while for me to describe the thing in detail, it is basically a game where the characters are part of a very loose society of magicians and occultists known as the Occult Underground. The setting is the modern world, but with a strange mix of post-modern thinking, occultism, conspiracy theories and all sorts of general weirdness all rolled up into one.
Magic in the setting is mostly done either trough being obsessed to the point of madness in a very specific aspect of life (books, drinking, money, taking risks and so on) and using the power of your will to bend or break reality in such a way to make impossible things true, simply because to your warped psyche they HAVE to be true, or trough channeling so called Archetypes in society like The Mother, The Warrior, The Demagogue, The Rebel and such. This grants you powers related to that archetype if you act like it, surround yourself with symbols related to it and so forth.
Since I'm lazy to post links to it, just search it in Wikipedia or Google, it will give you a lot of information

Another inspiration for this is the TV series turned book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. The original TV show is pretty close to what I am imagining here, mostly due to the fact that besides Mathew, the rest of the characters are already very well acclimated to the strangeness of London Below and you start feeling like you are a part of it, not like an outside observer (which is what my main idea for this whole thing is)

A third inspiration is also, to a lesser extent, the comic book The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, mostly for the same reasons as Neverwhere above, plus the fact that the whole thing is very very surreal and sometimes consider an inspiration for Unkown Armies.

Oh and the comic book Phonogram. If you strip off the pretentious music wankery, the whole thing is basically an Unknown Armies campaign.

This is about it for now.

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