Friday, 7 May 2010

Introductions are in order a.k.a. What's this all about?

Edit: As detailed in a later post titled "Let's try this again..." this has now been redone as a general journal for me to write down stuff that comes into my mind. However I will leave this and the rest of the old posts here for completeness sake.

My name is Jenx. I will be using this blog to write down ideas for a "probably-never-going-to-happen" TV series set in an urban fantasy setting.

While I am not really sure what I am hoping to achieve with this blog, I figured it could use as a hub for people to, hopefully, share ideas and comments about this. Who knows, some day, somehow, something might come out of this.

Now, of course I could easily just make this into a comic book, but really - that's doing it the easy way. I find it a lot more interesting to speculate about this as a TV series.

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