Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Location, location, location!

Now then, let's consider an important aspect of the setting - the city in which this whole thing will take place. The way I see it, I have generally 3 choices:

1. A city in the United States
2. A city somewhere in Western Europe (a capital, most likely)
3. A city here in my home country, Bulgaria. (haha, yeah that's gonna happen.)

So let's try to examine these in a bit more detail.

1. The US

To me, the most obvious of choices. There are already enough movies and TV series set in large cities like New York, Chicago, LA and so on, so why not set this there? Well for one thing, I know barely anything about these cities outside of general knowledge and what I've seen in the movies.

However, cities like New York with it's 8 million population can do wonders for a show like this, since it would allow the series to easily feature lots of different groups of characters, with none of them having to even meet unless desired. Plus, in a show about strange and weird individuals hiding in the masses of normal humans, this works pretty well too.

2. Western Europe

Well this one is a bit closer to home, but there's still the whole "lack of knowledge" part. One thing that capitals and large cities in Europe have over the US ones though is the fact that a lot of them are old, and thus filled to the bring with history, folklore, urban legends and such.

Now, London would be a fairly obvious choice, however this would instantly force a comparison to Neverwhere, and while that was awesome, let's try to distance the show from it.

Now, I'm not really sure about Paris for example, but Berlin can be perfect for this sort of thing with the Wall, spies and agencies looking over each other's shoulder and trying to figure out what the guys on the other side are doing, neonazis and remnants of the old Nazi occult forces (Because, really, with a magical game how can you NOT have Nazi occult forces?) trying to come back into power and so on and so on.

Placing the show in an old city like this also means that the theme of "Old vs New" will have to be very dominant, since Europe, in general, is a land of traditions.

Obviously, there are a lot of choices here, so this is going to be left open for discussion.

And finally....

3. Bulgaria

If you don't know what Bulgaria is - Google it.

Now then, while I'm no history buff or anything, living in this country my whole damn life does give me the advantage of knowing my way around the place more than I do with cities in the US or the rest of Europe. Then again, there are more than enough problems with setting the show in here.

First one, Bulgaria is small. Biggest city in the country is the capital with around 2 million people in it, which means that there would be, hell 20~50 people who could do actual magic. Now that severely limits the variety in characters.

Second, the country was under communist rule not until 20 years or so, which means that our culture will be mostly strange if not outright alien to most western viewers (since, really, who else is going to actaully watch this damn thing?) which might pose kind of a problem.

Thirdly, who the hell could I get in here to even play in the damn thing? Nobody, that's who!

Fourth (fourthly?) is the fact that while I am convincing this thing being on a tight budget as it is, due to a small target audience, if it has to be filmed here, it would mean working with more or less non-existent budget. That will kind of a problem as well.

Lastly, it would feel like I'm just ripping off a curtain friend who's planning something about a Bulgarian urban fantasy himself. (Yes, that means you, now finish the thing so we can play already!)

That's about that for now then. (Also, is it me or am I using a lot of brackets in this post?)

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