Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tim Powers or "Why can't they just make Last Call into a TV series already?!"

Right, so - this thing is still alive! No, really!

Let's talk more about inspirations. Tim Powers. The man is an amazing writer, is one of the main inspirations for Unknown Armies (which, as stated earlier - is itself inspiration for this), and his Fault Line trilogy is made out of pure awesome.

Powers' work when he isn't off creating the steam-punk genre is actually very firmly based in reality. Characters have mundane problems and thoughts, they mill around with their (usually not very enjoyable) lives...until things just take a left turn down Weirdness and Batshit Crazy and suddenly everything is turned on it's head, those same people are running around trying to resurrect dead mystical kings, run away from people who eat ghosts or just interact with completely insane people.

This TV series from the bat is going to start at that point. From the very first episode the audience should be thrown into the weirdness full on, and preferably shouldn't be left any breathing time where they might start asking questions. The scene should start with stuff like one of the main (or secondary) characters getting out of bed, shaving, brushing his teeth, getting some breakfast...and then going to his garage and start stabbing his hand with a dagger, then cutting to some other character having stabs appear on himself and dying.

Ya know, stuff like that. I'm not entirely sure if this would really work as a narrative device, but it's what I see in my head when I think about it.

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