Saturday, 29 September 2012

The City Rises

The City rises.

The streets are beginning to remember their old names, the memories the walls, the bus stops and the traffic lights used to have are now becoming more and more vivid. The people of the City are beginning to notice it. They are not sure what's going on yet, but they feel a tension in the air, like the City is holding it's breath before it exhales and opens it's eyes.

But not everyone is confused and disturbed by this. There have always been people who knew this will happen. People who live in places that sometimes don't even exist, who you pass by the street every day and seem to have a strange look in their eyes. They know that something big is happening. For some of them, this has been the thing they have waited for all their lives. Now they have crawled out of their hiding spots and their secret places and wars once waged in silence are now beginning to escalate into the open. 

The cabals of old are dissolving. While old ties and feuds still hold true, most who are "in the know" are beginning to break old alliances and form new ones, with only one goal in mind - Be the one who controls the City when it finally awakes.

 This is the set up for a board game I am planning. (The 15 cards challenge game is almost done, just a few minor tweaks in the cards) I have the basic set up ready, all that's left is to actually create all of the characters, powers, items and events that are in it and start testing. Should be fun.

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