Monday, 15 April 2013

Ramblings from the War, Part 3 - Worlds in Global Battle Locked

And with Part 3, this monstrosity of a rambling post is coming to an end. We had left the primitive world of Shintolin in shambles, the denizens dazed and confused as to what had really happened to them. The simple weapons of that place simply could not be used to properly express our blood-thirst, so we moved on to newer, fresher, bloodier playgrounds.

In other words, to Nexus Clash. Bob Generic, an admin and play-tester for Nexus War created the game, which was originally named the not-so-pleasantly-as-now sounding name Worlds in Global Battle Locked, which was soon referred to as Wigbl or BobWar. The game's engine and mechanics were reverse-engineered from Nexus War, with jorm's blessings, of course.

The premise is the same as with Nexus War, though Clash did bring a twist to the set up - Characters get to exist trough several Breaths of the universe, not just this single moment in which the war is taking place. Each new Breath wiped all characters down to level 1 again, usually radically changing the layout, number and overall feel of the different planes on which the war is being fought.

Bob did some working on the classes as well, creating new ones and tweaking the old ones. Nexus Champions in Nexus War were, more or less, considered to be the strongest overall class in the game, having high damage output (They were the single best archers in the game, making bows a very, very viable weapon in the hands of a Nexus Champion), being really hard to kill if they put they mind to it, had some of the best mobility skill in the game with their Tattoo of the Wandering Way skill, which allowed them to teleport and were also a fighter class which had access to the Spellcasting skill (One of each fighter subclass in each 3 groups always had access to Spellcasting, though not for free like the mage classes did) and had powerful summonable pets, which could not match a Lich with a properly maintained horde, but were still quite hard hitting in their own right.

In Nexus Class, Champions are not all that different from their Nexus War brethren, though a lot of their abilities have been either toned down, or other classes had been made stronger to be able to match them. What I find interesting is that this change in power is also explainable in-universe as well.

As Nexus War was ending, jorm revealed that the, by that point kind of obvious, source of power of the Nexus Champion was, in fact, jorm himself. After all, the Champion drew power from the Nexus War, and jorm is the person who created the whole thing. With the game moving to a different developer, it would make sense that the Champions would be weakened.

Another important addition to the classes were the Redeemed and Fallen classes, representing, respectably, a demon who has managed to atone for it's atrocities, and an angel who has stumbled down the wrong way. They both had quite unique abilities to differentiate them from other classes of either morality group. I never felt like they were particularly strong, so I always viewed them more as flavor classes than anything else, though there were Fallen builds that made quite the effective use of firearms, so maybe it's just that I never played all that much with them.

Overall, the game is still doing fine, from what I can tell. With a community this strong behind it, it makes sense.
Even though I actually made the tiles for the map (some of which I never quite finished, now that I think about it), I haven't really played the game in a few years. That's in no way saying that I don't think about it from time to time, as evidenced by these three posts, but with me interest comes and goes like the tides. Back in the day I took quite a long break from Nexus War as well, before returning to it and enjoying it as much as i had before. I still have my Clash account, i still have all of my characters, and I'm sure that some day I'll go back to the planes, slaughtering angels and demons in the names of Neutrality.

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